Winnipeggers’ Love Downtown

Downtown is the heart of our city. People come downtown to work, live, shop, dine, learn, invest and play. It is the meeting place for people from all walks of life – a place where culture, arts, history and entertainment intersect. Downtown belongs to everyone.

The majority of Winnipeggers believe downtown is constantly changing for the better! They view downtown as a clean, pedestrian-friendly place with a variety of unique cultural districts, contributing to the formation of a contemporary and historic city centre. Here all ages, ethnicities and cultures combine to create an atmosphere unlike any other in the city.

Why People Come Downtown 

Fact:45.6%of Winnipeg residents come downtown at least 22 times per month

Profile of People Who Regularly Come Downtown (more than 22 visits/month) [1]

  • 77.1% completed University/College
  • 36.7% are ages 25-34 and 24.5% are ages 35-44
  • 52.1% have approximate annual household income of $75,000 and over
  • 58.9% are married/common-law while 41.1% are single

[1] Downtown BIZ Trends Survey, 2013