Awareness of Downtown Living Options [1]

  • 82.6% of people are aware of existing and emerging residential options available downtown

Reasons for Living Downtown [1]

Fact:61.3%of downtown residents have completed University/College

  • Ability to walk everywhere
  • Central location/close to everything
  • Convenience/accessibility
  • Access to public transit/no need for car
  • Access to entertainment/nightlife/culture
  • Like the lifestyle/urban lifestyles/vibrant/lots to do
  • Close to work

Average Price of Condos [7]

  • Average condo listing price: $312,090
  • Average price of condos sold: $266,000, an increase from $214,910 in 2010

Demographics of Downtown Dwellers [1]

  • 61.3% have completed University/College
  • 42.0% are households with only 1 person
  • 33.8% are aged 25-34 while 14.6% are aged 35-44
  • 59.7% are single while 40.3% are married/common-law

pop growthWhile the 1990s saw a slight population loss, downtown Winnipeg has experienced sustained growth of 10% over the last decade, or 1% per year. A special order of Special Geographies from Statistics Canada highlighted an official downtown population count in 2011 at 15,075 people. The City of Winnipeg forecasts growth in the range of 1.9-2.4%. Using 2.28% per year cumulative growth, we expect the downtown population to now be 16,640 (2015). [2]

  • One Census tract that stretches from the East Exchange District to beyond the downtown in SouthPointDouglas has experienced more than 50% population growth since 2006! [3]
  • Downtown area is 3.1 sq. km. of which 1.9 sq. km. is populated neighbourhoods. [4]
  • 43% of all downtown residents live in the Broadway-Assiniboine district of the downtown [5]
  • 1,812 residential units were built between 2005 and 2013. 845 more are currently planned. [6]

 Residential Units Built [7]

  • 2005-2009: 674 units
  • 2010-2015: 768 units
  • Residential units planned (as of June 13, 2016: 1,213 units
  • The number of planned residential units nearly exceeds past decade of built residential development



One of Winnipeg’s most densely populated neighbourhoods, the Broadway-Assiniboine area’s tree-lined streets run from the AssiniboineRiver to the south side of Broadway and stretch from Main Street to Kennedy.  It’s a vibrant community that thrives on a diverse mix of rental properties.  Newly renovated luxury high-rises share the streets with a myriad of three-story heritage walk-ups dating back to the 1920’s.  Historic architectural gems like the iconic Fort Garry Hotel also dot the landscape.

For area residents, convenience is king.  Family-owned corner stores, cafes, restaurants, and other amenities are spread throughout the neighbourhood, including Winnipeg favorites like the Fyxx, Amici and Cafe 22.  The Forks and Osborne Village are within easy walking distance, as is the rest of downtown.  Imagine being able to watch the fireworks on Canada Day and not be stuck in traffic afterwards!

Assiniboine Avenue boasts a number of options for the outdoor enthusiast.  Joggers and cyclists make use of the Assiniboine Avenue Bikeway much of the year, while others stroll from the Manitoba Legislature grounds to Bonnycastle Park.  Along the way there are multiple access points to the River Walk, tennis courts and even a playground with wading pool for the kids.  The Upper Fort Garry site – the birthplace of Winnipeg – is also undergoing a transformation into a new HeritagePark and Interpretive Centre.  Density, diversity and convenience, Broadway–Assiniboine has it all.

Portage Avenue Area

Portage Avenue is one of the city’s most prominent streets, an artery running through the very heart of Winnipeg.  Whether it’s Jets games, concerts, shopping or dining, there’s always something going on.  For those looking for excitement and a faster pace, it’s the perfect place to live.  The stunning transformation of The Avenue and Hample buildings into stylish apartments marks the start of a new era in downtown living right in the centre of it all.

The MTS Centre, home of the Winnipeg Jets and venue for hundreds of concerts, has once again made Portage Avenue the place to be.  The area surrounding the arena has been designated the Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality District (SHED).  New hotels, restaurants, and residences are already being constructed with more entertainment options along the way.

Further west lies a hub of student activity, where the ever-expanding University of Winnipeg hugs Portage Avenue.  The Bay and Portage Place provide plenty of amenities for area residents. Unique condos such as Webb Place and the old Racquet Club are nestled seamlessly into the neighbourhood while rental units abound.  The WinnipegArtGallery and Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art are close by and a walk down Memorial Boulevard provides a grand view of the Manitoba Legislature.

Exchange District and Waterfront Drive

The Exchange District National Historic Site is one of North America’s most colourful and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, offering visitors and residents the finest dining, cultural and retail amenities Winnipeg has to offer. The 20-block district showcases North America’s most extensive collection of turn-of-the-twentieth-century architecture, and is home to the city’s unrivalled arts community.  Condo conversions and new rental units are giving more people than ever the opportunity to live in this unique neighbourhood.

Located on King Street, Old Market Square is a hub of activity during the spring and summer months.  The award-winning outdoor stage, “The Cube,” is host to musical acts and live entertainment including the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival.  Trendy boutique shops, cafes and bookstores are everywhere.  Further east, the Centennial Concert Hall, Pantages Playhouse Theatre, Manitoba Theatre Centre and ManitobaMuseum offer year-round entertainment options steps from your door.  The area’s status as a cultural haven recently completed a facelift with brand new streetscape enhancements, including, interactive lighting, signage and wider sidewalks.

The Exchange District also includes Waterfront Drive, one of Winnipeg’s newest and most affluent neighbourhoods.  Once little more than an industrial back lane, this stretch of riverfront property is now the most sought after residential land in the city.  Swanky condos, a boutique hotel and beautiful park line the street, with views of the Forks and FortGibraltar available for all to see. Residents have formed a neighbourhood association – the Residents of the Exchange District (R:ED) – giving a sense of community to the area. For more information on amenities, visit

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