About 24,000 students study in the downtown at 21 different technical schools and universities.[1] 

Downtown universities, colleges & schools Enrolment
University of Winnipeg 11,446
University of Manitoba Downtown 2,138
Immigrant Centre Manitoba 1,800
Red River College 1,700
Royal Winnipeg Ballet School 1,491
MB Theatre for Young People 1,184
Winnipeg Adult Education Centre 890
Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts 800
Aboriginal Community Campus 559
School of Contemporary Dancers 500
CDI College 450
Heartland International English School 230
Neeginan Learning and Literacy Centre 192
Horizons Learning Centres 181
William & Catherine Booth College 181
Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology 150
Anokiiwin Training Institute 100
Asper Executive School 100
Patal Vocational Preparation Schools 85
Scientific Marvel 50
Literacyworks 33
Robertson College n/r
Total 24,260

Impact of Post Secondary Education Investments [1]

Investment (Millions)
University of Winnipeg: Richardson College for the Environment $66.6
University of Winnipeg: UNITED Health & RecPlex $40.0
Red River College: Paterson Global Foods (Union Bank Tower) $35.0
University of Winnipeg: Wesley Hall Restoration $19.2
University of Winnipeg: McFeetors Hall $17.5
University of Winnipeg: Buhler Center $15.0
University of Winnipeg: The AnX Redevelopment $5.5
University of Winnipeg: General Restorations $3.0
University of Winnipeg: UWSA Daycare $2.5
University of Winnipeg: Student Housing (behind Buhler Centre) $27.0
Total (in millions) $231.3


[1] IUS, 2013. Survey of Downtown Educational Facilities, unpublished.