Winter Cycling Congress

Winnipeg was thrilled to host the 2nd annual Winter Cycling Congress from February 12-14th, 2014.  Winter cycling experts, advocates and enthusiasts gathered at the Forks and Manitoba Theatre for Young People to address a wide array of topics : winter infrastructure, active transportation policy, safety, planning and design.

The goal?

“To create, promote, maintain and sustain vibrant bike friendly cities throughout the yearWinter Cycling Congress.”

70 speakers and panelists travelled from snowy countries across the world to engage with other winter cycling enthusiasts.  Through interactive workshops, panel discussions, speakers and fun activities for all the delegates, solutions and lessons on what is possible for year-round transportation were shared, debated and enhanced.

An exciting addition to this year’s congress was A Moveable Feast-Cycling and Restaurant Tour in the Heart of our City.  The Winter Cycling Congress teamed up with the Downtown Biz to provide a unique experience for participants; an urban tour of delicious restaurants, while promoting active transportation in the winter.  The stops included Raw: Almond (restaurant on the river), East India Company Pub & Eatery, Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea (warm up at the Millennium Library Park, Jane’s Restaurant and Promenade Café & Wine.

“The use of active transportation helps to contribute to the vibrancy of the downtown area,” said Stephanie Voyce, Manager of Placemaking, Cleanliness, and Transportation. “The tour’s goal is to demystify winter cycling, promote local restaurants, and celebrate downtown Winnipeg as a premier winter destination.

Winnipeg is a fantastic choice to host events that feature winter and active transportation.  While the winter portion seems obvious to everyone, there are many people who probably don’t know that in Winnipeg:

  • Cycling up citywide by 60% since last Trends (2009)  with approximately 6,200 cyclists commuting downtown weekdays (2012)
  • Multi-use path up by 80km to 195km
  • Bike lanes now 35 kms
  • Bike Boulevards 56 kms
  • Over 100 bike racks installed in the down area since 2010

Check out the Downtown Winnipeg Trends Report for more information on active transportation in Winnipeg.