Parcel 4

Parcel 4 and Rail Side Lands Planning Initiative

Planners, developers and citizens will all have a say in what happens on the nearly 12 acres of land currently being used for parking at The Forks.  Parcel 4 and Rail Side Lands are located at the north edge of The Forks, bound by the CN main line directly to the West, Waterfront Drive to the East, Provencher/William Stephenson Way to the North and the Forks Market road to the South.  The revitalization of these two key properties at The Forks demonstrates the continued effort to ensure Winnipeg remains an exciting and vibrant Canadian city.  The Forks is already recognized as one of the top public spaces in Canada, however improving Parcel 4 and the Rail Side Lands is intended to match the current design standard, while improving the quality of the overall space.

The City of Winnipeg owns the northern parcel, while the southern parcel is owned by the Forks Renewal Corporation.  The two groups are committed to working together to improve the overall function, design and usage of the current land.  While nothing has been set in stone, the overall goal is to connect the key connections in the area with the rest of downtown.  As for the site itself, a mixed-use plan that includes housing, parking, retail and green space has gained support.

Public consultations will continue over the next year, up until a final plan has been drafted.  The final plan will include the planning principles of The Forks: Highlight Heritage (Connect to the Past), Promote Innovation and Excellence (Connect to the Future), Ensure Ease of Access (Connect to the City), Create a Rich Pedestrian Environment (Connect to the Site) and Ensure Diversity of Uses (Connect to the Community).

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