A Moveable Feast

The rain didn’t stop Winnipeggers from enjoying a Moveable Feast on June 19th.  Here’s Downtown Biz’s Jason Syvixay on these fantastic tours:


1) So what is a moveable feast and why should I sign up?


A Moveable Feast is a cycling and restaurant tour throughout downtown. A five-hour 7 kilometre bike ride, participants enjoy great eats from local downtown restaurants and take in gorgeous, scenic views of downtown’s iconic buildings, architectures, and places.


2) Which restaurants participated on Thursday?


  • Little Sister Coffee Maker (Osborne BIZ partnership)
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Promenade Café and Wine (Provencher BIZ partnership)
  • Chocolatier Constance Popp (Provencher BIZ partnership)
  • Little Saigon
  • Waves Restaurant and Lounge
  • Pony Corral


3) What was included?


Little Sister Coffee Maker

Small black coffee or black iced coffee


Old Spaghetti Factory

Homemade minestrone soup, salad with house Italian dressing, and famous bread


Promenade Café and Wine

Spring salad

Bison Tourtiere Turnovers

Basil Lemonade


Chocolatier Constance Popp


Healthy and delicious, a perfect snack for enroute this bike ride!


Little Saigon

Salad rolls (half vegetarian and half meat spring rolls)

Salt and pepper egg plants and yams


Waves Restaurant & Lounge

Butter chicken and rice

(Or vegetarian option)


Pony Corral

Shmoo Tort


4) Any highlights?


Despite the pouring rain, participants had a wonderful time and the weather actually added to the experience. Remember when you’re young and you get your first bike? It doesn’t matter if it’s cold out or if it’s raining, all you want to do is bike. That’s what happened on June 19th during our tour – everyone was positive, in great spirits, and loved checking out new restaurants and seeing new buildings and destinations they haven’t seen before.


The tour’s goal is to demystify cycling, promote local restaurants, and celebrate downtown Winnipeg as a premier entertainment and hospitality destination. On bicycle, people discovered hidden gems and scenic views of downtown they would have never expected or encountered while in a car. The use of active transportation helps to contribute to the vibrancy of the downtown area.


The demographic of people attending the tours were diverse: business people, non-downtown residents, young and old. People planned their day around the tour, too – cycling into the downtown for work, then joining the tour. Cycling into downtown from places as far as Charleswood. All participants said they would cycle more often as a result of the tour.


5) What does these tours do for downtown Winnipeg?
People have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring and summer – the sizzling heat, the sunset, and hanging around downtown restaurants and patios surrounded by friends and good people. These tours help us show off the city in an authentic, intimate way. Rather than just putting an ad in the paper or a billboard, we want to pull people by the hand and actually show them what’s going on downtown.


6) Are there more tours coming up?


Another A Moveable Feast tour on September 27th at 5PM. Partnering with the Exchange District BIZ.


Biking & Beer – An elite mountain/hybrid cycling event. Hit the city’s newest bike routes on a two-hour ride with the Executive Director of the Downtown BIZ, finishing with a cold beer on a downtown patio. Route is approximately 50KM and features Café 22, Pony Corral, and Moxie’s Classic Grill on June 18, July 16, and August 134:30pm start, free.


Patio Crawl – Because now that summer is here, one patio is never enough. Grab your friends, soak up the sun and sip your favourite drinks. Sample delicious brews at beloved watering holes like: Elephant & Castle, Muddy Waters, Finn’s Pub, The Keg, Earls Restaurant, Old Spaghetti Factory, Clay Oven, Beachcombers, Rudy’s Eat and Drink, The Met, and The Current. August 8July 11, and July 135PM start, $30/person. Tour length: 2.5 hours.


Winnipeg Wine – Explore the wine lists of some of Winnipeg’s top downtown restaurants and sample delectable food pairings with this guided tour. Stroll your way to downtown’s top fine dining restaurants, including Sydney’s, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar, Prairie 360, 295 York, and Fort Garry, and cap it all off with an overnight stay at the lavish Hotel Fort Garry. September 126:30PM start, $175 for one person or $250 for two people.


Almost Famous – Tour the pubs, clubs, and bars that are home to Winnipeg best blues, rock, and country bands. Featuring classic, quirky, and historic venues with performances from up-and-comers and local favourites at featuring The Pyramid Cabaret, Shannon’s Irish Pub, and Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club. July 19 and August 169PM start, $35/person.