Clean & Green

Dressed in forest green, the Downtown BIZ Metro Enviro-Team work to keep downtown clean and assist at numerous events throughout the year. This dedicated team of 14 full-time and 2 part-time members pick up litter, vacuums sidewalks, water and weed flowers, pressure washes over 58 downtown bus shelters, maintains 115 bus stops, removes graffiti and posters, repairs site furniture and clears snow in the winter.

Fact:16Downtown BIZ Metro Enviro-Team workers employed to keep downtown clean

  • 5 streetscape crew members in the summer, caring for site furniture and flower planters
  • 1 full-time Streetscape Technician maintaining cigarette butt receptacles, patio furniture, bike racks, and other outdoor infrastructure and flower beds
  • 2,000 lbs. of litter collected by 400 Earth Day Clean-up participants
  • 100 new bike racks added to downtown streets over the last two years
  • Over 148 beautifully arranged flower baskets along Portage Avenue, Edmonton Street, Main Street, Graham Avenue, and the SHED District during the summer
  • 32 flower planters were placed outside business front doors
  • 39 bistro sets provided attractive seating on sidewalks in front of downtown businesses
  • 43 refreshed Chinatown banners and 32 Goldeyes Banners, celebrating their championship
  • Over 33,000 parking spots
  • Refreshed Downtown Walkway Guide launched and 10,000 distributed